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    Anodized (MDI) Canisters Aluminum anodization is an electrochemical process that enhances the strength, durability, and appearance of aluminum. When aluminum is oxidized, super-strong oxide (anodic) layers [grow" on the surface of the metal. These new layers are highly resistant to wear and corrosion. The exacting part to part consistency achieved with our unique anodizing system cannot be obtained with conventional hoist line systems. Conventional anodizing systems present parts with varied coating thicknesses and voids formed due to air pocketing. A consistent uniform 6 µm anodic film thicknesses will protect certain drug formulations and the canister from degradation. Heavier film thicknesses of up to 12µm can be provided to meet your more demanding application. Anomatic Advantages: · Installed global capacity for 2.5 billion units per year · Lower cost than Plasma and Stainless Steel · Maintains the same tight tolerances as our plain canisters · An effective barrier for many sensitive formulations · Easy to visually detect if the anodic film is present. · Environmentally friendly The plasma coating acts as an effective barrier to prevent degradation of the drug formulation in solution or suspension. Plasma Coated (MDI) Canisters Fluorocarbon Polymerization (FCP) Anomatic`s dedication to providing cost effective solutions to the metered-dose inhaler industry has resulted in the development of a unique plasma treatment process that significantly reduces the surface energy of the inside of the canister. Using ultra-pure monomers, the Anomatic system achieves a hydrophobic surface with a contact angle greater than 90 degrees. This helps to prevent the adhesion of the formulation to the canister wall Anomatic Advantages: · High purity solvent free gases · Does not change the appearance of the canister. · Fully replicates the profile of canisters · Hydrophobic low surface energy system · Fully licensed sustainable process · Environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint.


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